David Pasternak

E-mail: david.pasternak@zurichna.com

Education:B.S., Brooklyn College, 1977
J.D., Brooklyn Law School, 1980
Legal Experience:Cartafalsa, Turpin & Lenoff
Trial Attorney

Litigation Experience

David S. Pasternak, Esq., New York
Trial Attorney

Litigation Experience

Klapper & Pasternak, New York, New York
Trial Attorney

Litigation Experience

Friedlander, Gaines, Cohen, Rosenthal & Rosenberg, New York, New York
Trial Attorney

Litigation Experience

Langan & Levy, New York, New York

Litigation Experience
Jury Trial Experience:150 jury trials
Licensure:Licensed to practice in New York
Bar Memberships and Professional Associations:New York State Bar Association

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